The Lake Forest Caucus is always Looking For Candidates!!  There are two ways to volunteer: Apply for a position to serve on a City Board/Commission or apply for a term on the Caucus Committee.

Volunteering is easy!!  It begins with completing a Volunteer Profile Sheet (VPS) and contacting your ward chair.

lake-forest-caucus-wants-youThe Caucus Committee WANTS YOU!

The Lake Forest Caucus invites you to step forward and serve your  community.  The Lake Forest Caucus is looking for candidates who embrace community service as their civic responsibility to serve in Lake Forest City government or on the Caucus Committee.

Since 1935, Lake Forest has benefited from the talented and committed service of countless volunteers nominated by the Lake Forest Caucus.

The Caucus provides a nonpartisan process for recommending qualified volunteers to serve in City government. Each year the Caucus interviews and recommends over 100 volunteers for open positions on 22 City of Lake Forest Boards and Commissions to provide leadership, establish policy and oversee budgets.

The Caucus Committee meets in closed meetings starting in the Fall.  There are two meetings that are open to the general public.  The OPEN CALL meeting, generally held in October, is where all citizens who are interested in learning more about the Caucus can attend and sign-up to be interviewed.   The ANNUAL meeting, generally occurring in November, is held to present the President’s Annual Report as well as the Caucus Slate of Candidates for the upcoming municipal elections (Mayor, School Boards, Alderman).   You can see this season’s calendar by clicking here