Parks and Recreation Board

Lake Forest owns all parks and recreational facilities within the city and the Parks and Recreation Board was created by public ordinance in 1996.  The Board has seven members, appointed by the Mayor, subject to City Council approval.  Each member serves one five-year term.

This Board’s primary responsibilities are financial and regulatory.  With an annual budget approved by City Council, the Board oversees all capital expenditures and any requests for new expenditures outside the planned budget must be authorized by this body.  Policy is made at the Board level, but members do work closely with the Parks and Rec Director and staff to establish rules and regulations and to answer community questions and complaints.  Fund raising is usually not undertaken by this Board.

The City Manager hires the Director and Staff and these city employees manage the day-to-day activities of all Parks and Recreation programs and facilities.   This staff prepares a monthly agenda for the Boards consideration.   This packet is distributed to the Board several days before the public meeting so the members have time to read, visit sites and prepare for the meetings.  Typically, meetings, which are televised, last two hours.  The current meeting date is the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall.  In addition to this time commitment, there may be sub-committee obligations.

Members of this Board should have good fiscal skills.